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DinerTown Tycoon screenshot
DinerTown Tycoon screenshot

DinerTown Tycoon mini-reviews

UkOcHtVE by Yerim
Should you are viewing come up with alter in most with the lviing, starting point generally L . a . Weight reduction cutting down on calories platform are a wide stair as part of your attaining that most agenda. weight loss
DinerTown Tycoon by syd
Omg i found this game online nd i played it and its addictingg and its soooo awesome i mean i could play it alll day nd night.
DinerTown Tycoon by DinerHero
DinerTown Tycoon was a really great game I was just wondering are they goint to make another game like this because in the end it showed this Big Burger Company and I really want to try it Please help me

Welcome to the DinerTown Tycoon™ game fan site!

DinerTown Tycoon™ is a new economic strategy game about adventures of Flo and her friends in DinerTown. This game can work on Windows and Mac OS X.

DinerTown Tycoon introduces a whole new way to have fun with Flo and all your favorite DinerTown friends! Help Flo oust from DinerTown the evil fast-food net Grub Burger with its suspiciously addictive "Ingredient X" sauce. Use your restaurant intelligence and business cleverness in this tycoon game! In DinerTown Tycoon you will stock your restaurant, set menu prices, and purchase new décor. Help DinerTown bring back wholesome food and local snackbars, then finally give Grub Burger the boot once and for all!

DinerTown Tycoon features:

  • You can add to restaurant menus more than 90 recipes
  • 5 different neighborhoods in Diner Town Tycoon
  • Over 25 beloved DinerTown characters

Free Download (30 MB)

DinerTown Tycoon for PC and DinerTown Tycoon for Mac are available.
Download DinerTown Tycoon game for free and enjoy playing it right now.
Save DinerTown from the evil Grub Burger!

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